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Technological    Advances    in    the    Fifties

There were many scientific discoveries made in the 1950's, but here are the most important ones.

-Tritium, a hydrogen isotope, is discovered for use in the H-bomb.
-Dr. Richard Lawler performs first kidney transplant.

-First nuclear reactor is set-off.
-First commercially-produced, large-scale business computer (UNIVAC) is marketed.
-Artificial Pacemaker is developed.
-Plutonium is discovered.

-First artificial heart component is used.
-Transistors replace vacuum tubes in radios and T.V.'s.

-Jonas Salk's polio vaccine is proved to prevent polio.
-The structure of DNA is discovered.
-The Bell X-1A beaks the sound barrier.

-First nuclear-powered submarine and train are built.

-Oral Contraceptive pill is developed.

-DNA molecule is photographed.
-Photographs of the birth of stars are taken.

-Sputnik 1 is launched by USSR and orbits Earth.
-Sputnik 2 carries a dog into space.
-First Intercontinental Ballistic Missile is successfully tested by USSR.

-Integrated circuitry is invented and greatly reduces computer sizes.
-Stereo records are introduced.
-Measles Vaccine is developed.
-NASA is organized.
-Van Allen Radiation Belts are discovered in Space around the Earth.
-Ultrasound scanning is developed for observing fetuses.

-Vanguard, the first weather station in space, is launched by the U.S.
-The Heat-seeking missile is developed.
-Soviet Lunik 2 satellite is first man-made object to touch the moon.
-Lunik 3 takes photos of the moon's hidden side.

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