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Sports    in    the    Fifties

- Baseball was the most popular sport

- Going to highschool Football games was the favorite thing to do among teens on Friday nights

- Jim Brown: member of professional Hall of Fame; By some, known as greatest offensive back of the Cleveland Browns

- Other popular Football players include:
Frank Gifford-NY Giants (now a sportscaster)
Sammy Baugh-Washington Redskins

- National Basketball Association was integrated in 1950 by Sweetwter Clifton, Chuck Cooper and Earl Lloyd

- Golf was more popular than hockey because of the ease of being able to follow the sport

- Roger Bannister: 1st person to run a mile in less than 4 minutes at 3:59.4; took place in England in 1954

- Average American's favorite sports: bicycling, bowling, fishing, swimming, sledding, ice-skating, golf and softball

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