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-The Musical "South Pacific" came out in 1950.

-"The Diary of Anne Frank" came out in 1956 as a play by Frances Goodrich.

-Maria Tallchief became famous for her ballet interpratation of "Firebird" Stravinsky.

-Before 1955 there was very little "rock" as we know it. It was known as R&B to the African-Americans who mostly sang it.

-Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis were founders of rock-n-roll because they were white.

-Frank Sinatra became famous for his singing ability.

-Radio became very popular among teens.

-Dick Clark became host of "American Bandstand" and almost made the music respectable to the rock-hating adults because of his clean cut appearance.

-In the South, the music sung by blacks had to be sung by whites to be aired on the radio.

-In 1956 Elvis had #1 hits for 25 weeks out of the year.

-The 1956 royalties for Elvis exceeded $6 mil.

-Rock movies became popular during the 50's, several of which Elvis starred in.

-Bob Dylan helped make folk music more popular towards the end of the decade.

-Folk music also became protest music.

-Jazz music had many great musicians too, but it was seen as "shady" and wasn't as popular.

-The musical "The King and I" came out in 1959.

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