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The website that you are now observing is the product of many hours of research and website construction by three eighth grade students at Mabry Middle School in Marietta, Georgia. It was created to teach people about the lifestyles, culture, fads, science and technology, personalities, and politics of the United States of America in the 1950's. It also profiles the largest military conflict occuring during the 1950's, the Korean War. As you explore this web site, you may click on the links to study any of the many aspects of life that have been profiled in this web site. As the creators of this web page, Jessi Bigham, Airykah Carter, and Jason Cheek welcome you back to the Fifties. We thank you, and we hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor.

50's Related Topics

The Korean War
Fads of the Fifties
Suburbia in the Fifties
Music and Theater in the Fifties
Personalities of the Fifties
Politics in the Fifties
Family Life and Culture in the Fifties
Sports in the Fifties
Technogical Advances in the Fifties

Jessi B, Airykah C, and Jason C

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